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$1 Cdn = $1 US

CBC News, Sept 20, 2007

Just as I am about to embark on a trip to the United States (I leave Saturday) the Canadian dollar - fondly known as the 'Loonie' - is now worth the same as the U.S. dollar. This afternoon, for the first time since I was a teenager, it was worth more than the U.S. dollar. I'll leave the explanations to others (you can imagine what my own views are) and satisfy myself with observing that it means that the Canadian eLearning Enterprise Alliance (CeLEA) delegation, which will be well represented at the Brandon Hall conference next week, will have to come up with an innovative angle, since we can't sell Canadian e-learning on the basis of low cost any more. I was thinking: Canadian e-learning: expensive, but worth it. Meanwhile, OLDaily's price will not be affected by the currency change.

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