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Stephen Downes, Stephen's Web, Sept 11, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I have updated the EduRSS feed list, dropping some weblogs that haven't been updated since the Middle Ages and adding a bunch of new ones. This was motivated by a list published in Edutopia constituting the "cornerstone" of edublogging. As I comment, they may be a cornerstone, but the selection of weblogs - which are all American - represents only a small segment of the wider community. Edutopia editor John Daly suggested that I send in some international contributions. Here's a few hundred. And as Graham Wegner, "Look around at some of the places he suggests and you'll find that some of the issues that US education is exploring as 'things to do' are already 'things being done' in many areas of the globe." It's something that he's written about before.
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