Blog Day

Various authors, Website, Aug 31, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Blog Day 2007
So happy Blog day everyone, and in the tradition of Blog Day, five blogs that might not make my usual fare. Well, almost certainly would not, as I read them more for interest than for grist for this mill. Well, and maybe not blogs either, because I'm really bad at following rules:

- Edge - because this is the site that features the writings of Francisco Varela, a man who would be a blogger today - or at least, a regular read - if he were still around

- Ideant, by Ulises Ali Mejias. I've read a good part of his dissertation, Networked Proximity, and I'm pleased to say, I disagree with almost all of it. If I were Wittgenstein I would lecture him paragraph by paragraph about why he is wrong. But I'm me and I'm not sure what to do.

- Rabble - I send Rabble money to keep publishing because I think it performs an important service as a forum for alternative and progressive voices in Canadian society. When the police infiltrate the ranks of peaceful protests and incite riots by throwing rocks, we need someone to publish the other side and keep it real.

- Architectures of Control in Design - by Dan Lockton - currently displaying a blank screen; I hope it's back by the time you get to this. Everything I write is in one way or another about power and control (which has a lot to do with knowledge and perception). This blog not only offers a physical-world analogy, but also typifies the sort of thinking you need to be doing to see design from that different (and more important) perspective.

- Paleo-Future, by Matt. I have read a lot of science fiction over the years - thousands of books - and have seen futures come and go. This blog captures the 'futures that never were' and, on the way, the absolutely coolest things ever - like, for example, these wind powered robots (now I want to go out and make one). Paleo-Future is my childhood speaking out to me and reminding me why I wanted to become a writer and scientist in the first place.
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