Web 2.0 and Policy

Various authors, Eccos Revista Científica, Aug 28, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The email advert reads as follows: "Many of you will have seen the JISC-funded report by Tom Franklin and Mark van Harmelen on Web2.0 services and their implications for sharing elearning content, especially the implications for universities and colleges. We've now drafted a JISC response to the recommendations in this report..." The report, boiled down as recommendations, consists of a string of statements saying "JISC should fund such-and-such". The response is invariably "JISC is already funding such-and-such" or "JISC is considering it". It's not much of a response, especially when you consider that the authors consider Gilly Salmon's book E-moderating: The key to teaching and learning online to be an instance of "moderation (including peer moderation) and control of Web 2.0 content."
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