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The 'Future of learning agents' conference held Tuesday in Palo Alto, based on a map of future forces affecting education (see also information aesthetics and edu.blogs), has attracted a variety of comments. Steve Hargadon, one of the attendees, noted "that the characteristics that were listed for learning-agents in 10 years are not those that are the primary measures today." Will Richardson, who was also there, comments, "where we lacked consensus was where the pressure points for real change are."

Well and good, but the event has attracted sharp criticisms from some observers. Tom Hoffman remarks, "What's striking about Will's report from the Institute for the Future's workshop on the future of teaching is the extent to which it is focused on the present... You don't need to guess about how the ideas on their cute wall charts play out. We pretty much know that already, and the people who've implemented them are happy to talk about it." James Farmer is even sharper. "I am sick and tired of people who really know very little about education and teaching mouthing off about it," he writes.

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