Content Makers Are Accused of Exaggerating Copyright

Jacqueline Palank, New York Times, Aug 09, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

A Battle Royale is shaping up between Google and content poducers such as sports leagues and other media companies over the warnings broadcast by those agencies (the now familiar "any use of the pictures or accounts of this game are strictly prohibited"). Google claims, accurately, that these warnings attempt to prohibit uses allowed under fair use or fail dealing provisions. "It is an attempt to convince Americans that they don't have rights that they do in fact have." The content producers - looking at things like Google video - argue that what Google wants is to be able to use content for free. Well sure - but they're allowed to. Just as you and I are allowed to use that very same content when we have an argument about last night's game in the bar.See also Michael geist on this issue.
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