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Good update on IMS activities provided to a workshop hosted by JISC in Britain. Some important items to note (with much quoting from Scott Wilson's article):
  • Though IMS has not released any specifications on transport protocols yet, vendors and projects implementing IMS should make use of the SOAP with Attachments (SOAPwA) message protocolCRLF
  • IMS will work on a new specification that will provide a standard XML model for creating content, including "separated material, presentation, processing, labelling, aggregation, sequencing and navigation - not EML, but like EML (one wonders why)CRLF
  • IMS will release a new Reusable Competency Definition (RCD) specification before the IMS meetings in Sheffield this SeptemberCRLF
  • Currently IEEE-LOM has no accessibility capability, and in the light of current legislation like Section 508 (US) and SENDA (UK), "it may be illegal to use it". HehCRLF
  • IMS Enterprise will eventually lose the Person object specification, to be replaced by the Learner Information Package (LIP) equivalent. CRLF

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