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I've been rereading Bruce Sterling's novel Zeitgeist this past week. It actually ages quite well for a pre-millennium novel that addresses the millennium. I haven't seen Zeitgeist the movie yet, but it's on my list, Maybe tomorrow. I haven't been reading the Talo list for months, not since someone on the list took to carping about 'gurus and experts' for no good reason. I haven't read Bill Kerr at all, but judging from his post, he hasn't read me either - otherwise he wouldn't be complaining that Web 2.0 people are not willing to deepen their analysis (by contrast, people tell me to return to the surface for air from time to time). Kay writes, "The 1000 monkeys hammering on the typewriter is a real part of web 2.0." All I can say is, "ook ook ook."

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