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Elearning Jobs in Moncton

Jun 18, 2007

This is really local news, but from my perspective it's significant news, as I've played a part in it. Desire2Learn, an LMS company based in Waterloo, Ontario, is setting up a branch office here in Moncton. In the building where I work, in fact. And they're hiring. This is partially (maybe mostly) the result of a project we at NRC are working on with them. On the NRC side, the real credit for getting this project pulled together and funded belongs to Rod Savoie. The University fo Moncton is also a partner in the project. Anyhow, D2L is having a big launch and Technology and Career Exhibition on the 28th here at the Scientific Park. For myself I will say that while I have focused on the e-learning technology and theory (which I think played a role in the project) I congratulate Rod for following through on the promise offered by NRC when it started here five years ago, to expand and entrench the e-learning industry here in Moncton.


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