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Ray Sims attempts to create a PLE workflow. I think this is a noble effort but misguided - the nice thing about a buffet is that we don't all have to approach it the same way, and that's the benefit of a PLE. Look at the list on page 2 - should people do all these things? In this order? And a lot of learning isn't workflow driven or even goal driven (this whole 'goal-driven behaviour' thing is a mark of the self-improvement set, but as the old saying goes, it is often the journey, and not the destination, that matters). Learning is a process, not a goal, and a learning environment is a space, not a process. If the description of a PLE cannot include my aimless and pointless readings of histories of the Roman Empire, then it misses the boat. See also, Scott Wilson on the PLE as the use of student-owned technologies in ICT.

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