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Cellphone Breakout

Apr 19, 2007

I was talking with Julie Zilber yesterday about mobile phone networks (and in "the CDMA standard, which is popular in North America and parts of Asia, and used by Bell and Telus in Canada. The other is GSM, which is used by Rogers in Canada and is the most common cellphone standard outside North America, used by more than 2 billion subscribers in most countries around the world" - worth noting that the mobile phone services in Vancouver for the Olympics in 2010 will be CDMA, rendering inoperable most travellers' mobile phones. Anyhow, this article highlights the very anti-competitive practices of CDMA companies, like Telus, who regard 'unlocked' phones to constitute copyright violation. What is an 'unlocked' phone? One that works on any network card, and not just Telus's. Via BNA's Internet Law News.


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