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Various authors, DSpace, Apr 04, 2007
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The DSpace review is out and probably most deserves props for process. Not only is the report available online in three formats (.doc, .pdf and .ppt) the entire process was captured in a wiki displaying the process and issues, community review group membership, surveys, pre-readings, brainstorming, and five full days of discussion notes. Though I have been critical of customer-driven design in the past (which results in bloatware), this process makes me think it can work. Maybe. Anyhow, the outcome of the review is to call for basic improvements, such as making the software more modular and enabling it to scale to 100 downloading users at a time (made me think of my own problems, heh). Also, no small task (trust me) "DSpace should adopt a generic workflow system to manage all phases of the information lifecycle."
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