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I have no email right now.

Many of this year's themes have revolved around this idea, from my criticisms of groups to my criticisms of corporations. Jon Udell says, "Tribalism is an aspect of human nature, so it must once have served a purpose, but it no longer does. It's a piece of evolutionary baggage that we can no longer afford to carry around. I don't know if we can let go of it, but we had better at least try." Something like that is true. It's not the only problem, but it's a big one.

Anyhow. Edu-RSS and Learning Networks represent by attempt to define some sort of mechanism for community other than what is here being called tribalism. We need an alternative. I am trying on one hand to define it conceptually, and on the other to define it technologically. I've been rewriting the code over the last couple of weeks (since my vacation). It's almost ready (I am also applying to NRC to open source it - I have verbal approval - but apparently there's a form...). Anyhow, today I made a small change and rebooted my web server - which then ceased to function. Not sure what happened. Anyhow, the site is back, but all my email functions have been knocked out of commission. Of course it happens on a Friday afternoon... Oh well. I have no email right now. See you Monday.

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