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What Lies Beneath?

Beth Kanter, Mar 07, 2007

A link to a Web 2.0 report led Beth Kanter to post on the concept of 'collabuary' raised in the report, which prompted me to comment in reply, trying to distinguish between folksonomies and collabuaries (which I think isn't a useful term; it just means 'vocabulary' or 'taxonomy'). This in turn led Kanter to send an email in reply, the gist of which is captured in this post, describing a filtering network for non-profits that is partially collaboration, but partially individual action. So where does the line between group and network apply here? Good question - it contains elements of both. I guess I would say, as a rule of thumb, that you pass from 'network' (autonomous action, folksonomy) to 'group' (collaborative action, vocabulary or taxonomy) when somebody says, "You're doing that wrong." Also see the NpTech Tag Community slide show, on Flickr (click on the 'view as slide show' link).

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