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I have covered the Julie Amero travesty earlier. Nancy Willard's report is required reading. "In a nutshell, it is quite evident in the case of Julie Amero, that the district's technical security was woefully and sorely lacking, Amero had not been provided with appropriate instructions on use of the computer and actions to take if inappropriate materials appear on the screen and was doing exactly what she had been told to do, and the investigation was not only inadequate – it was thoroughly and unconscionably mishandled." I think that whomever has the authority should intervene in this case immediately. And I think that we should ask ourselves how a free society could allow something like this to take place in the first place. "The underlying issue is that of fear. Especially in the last year there has been an overwhelming increase in the level of fear-mongering about young people and the Internet." PDF. Via Karoli

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