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Various authors, Dec 20, 2006
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I received an email today, "Stephen Downes ( sent you the invitation below on 10-18-2006 15:56 from" Pretty clearly I didn't invite myself to the service. Still, I go to the site and see, "Stephen Downes sent you here personally. Enter your info to find out why." I did this a while back, for some other name, and discovered they still don't tell you why - you have to pay them money first. So if you get an invite that appears to be from me from this service, ignore it. I didn't invite you. This site is part of the group of sites, an enterprise that is getting very spamlike and annoying. I once made the mistake of signing up for them and have received no end of emails saying 'you have 1 new classmate' (the total now exceeds the number of people I ever met in my small school) and that demands I pay a subscription fee.
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