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How to crank up your internet (not just tubes any more!). First, change your start page (oddly, 80 percent of internet users never do). Pick a content page like NetVibes and then fill it with content. Add some widgets and some feeds to RSS contents. Then cue in some personal organization tools, like Google Calendar and Orchestrate (a personal to-do list). Create an address book (don't use Plaxo, it spams your contacts). Connect to Flickr for your photos (and I would suggest Slideshare for your slides). And while you're at it, set up a display to view other people's photos - something nice every day. Get set up on Google spreadsheets and documents, so you've got some serious content capacity. Or use Zoho, which bundles all these together. Your web could be doing so much more for you - but you need to stop thinking of it as some place where you go and read stuff.

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