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Stephen Downes, Dec 15, 2006

Today is a sad day in our household as our little cat Nadia passed away after a brief illness. She was only 3 years old. Video, Nadia in the box - she is the second cat to appear, the light white, orange and grey cat (the other cat is Polly). Video, the cats playing, Nadia is the first cat you see, at the beginning and near the end of the video; the black and white camera hog is Bart. Nadia was so named because she was the gymnast, pulling herself up on chairs, leaping not walking (she always lived in three dimensions), prancing down the hall. We would play with her with the butterflies, and she would soar through the air. She was upstairs with us last night, but at the breaking of the day, she heard the butterflies calling, and went downstairs to meet them. Nadia, sweet Nadia, lives on in our hearts.

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