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What are the goals and objectives of the post-secondary system in Canada? According to a report just released by the Canadian Council on Learning, they are as follows:

1. A skilled and adaptable workforce to meet the human resource needs of the country
2. Capacity for innovation, knowledge creation, and knowledge transfer
3. Active, healthy citizenry
4. Quality PSE and training
5. Access for all Canadians
6. Participation and success of under-represented groups
7. Lifelong learning
8. Affordable and sustainable PSE and training

As an observer I find it remarkable that 'workforce' and 'human resource needs' are so high on the list, though I do note that they mention 'access' and 'health' - no mention of fulfillment and happiness, though. No mention of personal empowerment, the fostering of culture, self-expression, self-determination, freedom and democracy. No, it's all about making us trained and productive employees. This report calls on the creation of a national strategy for the post-secondary education system in Canada. All well and good, but let's keep in mind that the system is owned by the people of Canada and that they should be its primary beneficiaries. Oh, and if you can't get the Canadian Federation of Students to sign off on it (the report lists support from the much smaller Canadian Alliance of Student Associations) then it's probably not very representative.

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