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Norm Friesen has posted another installment of his interesting and engaging E-Learning Myths series. In this item, he challenges the perception that we are in 'the networked society' or 'the information age' (among other designations). Perhaps we should say we are in the 'Would You Like Fries With That Age'. Friesen observes, "Creating more jobs than the remaining seven put together are: 'Hospitality,' 'health care,' and 'retail'" - all service industry jobs. Consistent with the pattern of reasoning in the previous installments (Myth 1, Myth 2), Friesen points to the unequal society obscured by these myths. "no account of the characteristics of our postindustrial economy would be complete without mention of polarization - both of income and class. The rich are getting richer, using economic changes related to knowledge and technology to increase their wealth, and the poor are getting poorer."

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