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My very first exposure to the concept of distance learning was a documentary film on the School of the Air in Australia, from which I learned about the use of radio to provide an education to children living on sheep stations in the Outback. So it was a highlight of my trip to Australia in 2004 when I was able to visit the School in Alice Springs and use the modern version of their network to talk about the today's version of the same thing. Now along comes this absolutely fascinating look at the Canadian equivalent, offered through (of all places) the Canadian National Railway. I have actually heard the phrase, "CBC educated," which speaks to the power of radio as a learning medium in Canada, and I think of my own experiences as a child at home or out camping or driving the highway to Slave Lake or in my small cabin, listening to the comforting words of people like Lister Sinclair and Peter Gzowski and I realize with a start that I too am 'CBC educated'. Thanks, George Buck, for this.

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