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I think that I think of "Learning Anytime, Anywhere" very differently than ADL's Robert Wisher. Because in my mind, the phrase includes necessarily "anyone" - but Wisher has a much smaller set of recipients in mind, beginning with the U.S. military, and then expanding through a network of its partners and friends. That is why access control - rather than enabling access - is at the heart of initiatives like CORDRA, and why Wisher envisions "a federation of registries on a global scale" rather than an open and sharable network of open educational resources. Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe ADL is as concerned about providing access for a cattle-boy in Lesotho as for a soldier out somewhere fighting a war. But I doubt it. And I know for certain where my priorities lie. And I know which of those two scenarios ought to be guiding the architecture and development of learning technology.

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