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The Rhetoric of Change

heyjude, Oct 19, 2006

Judy O'Connell is summarizing the talks from the Global Summit, with a good outlin of SeymourPapert talk. She also looks at George Siemens's talk at Leigh Blackall's. Of the latter she says, "though the politics of life will often mean that opinions expressed this way will be be counter-productive." Well, I look at Seymour Papert, and I look at myself, and I look at Leigh Blackall, and it seems to me we have three generations of people saying the same thing, and still the news comes, as O'Connell notes, a "surprise" to those attending. So in my books, while I'm not sure I'd let him book hotels for me again, I think Blackall can be as vehement as he wants - I certinly don't see that diplomatic language is working, and somebody needs to shake things up.

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