Re: A Moral ImperativeCRLF

Various authors, DEOS-L, Apr 11, 2002
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Connecting the dots. The response to John Hibb's piece on DEOS has been, well, prolific. Steve Eskow questioned the effectiveness of development education. Clint Brooks, along with several others, saw Hibbs as attacking American values. Of most interest, though, is this recent post from Brad Jensen, who writes: "Civilization has grown to the point where we cannot tolerate ignorance - not the ignorance of people who do not believe as we do, but the ignorance of people who are only connected to civilization through information that is filtered by others. This is no longer acceptable. We need to take a small part of the energy we are spending on dealing with the symptoms, and deal with the problem. Everyone in the world has the right to speak, and to know, without someone else making that decision for them."CRLF
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