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Eportfolio 2006

Oct 07, 2006

George Siemens is preparing an upcoming talk in a wiki. If I were mean, I would pull a Stephen Colbert and see if we couldn't convert george's keynote to repeated utteraqnces of "I am a sheep." Would George say that if that's what the wiki said? Anyhow, Siemens writes in his newsletter, "My "keynote written in a wiki" experiment is progressing well for some projects (and not so well for others). The eportfolio 2006 wiki (for London, next week) has generated some useful dialogue on whether portfolios should be conversation-driven or content-based. The feedback from individuals is a surprisingly enjoyable experience...compared to my usual 'develop the keynote in the dark... and wait until the big day until it sees the light of day', this is a two-way learning experience."


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