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Stephen Downes, Flickr, Sept 22, 2006

So today wraps up another week on the road, with an abbreviated newsletter this week, due to very poor internet access and to being in six hotels in six days. I am frankly chafing against the restrictions at the moment, as I am shuttled from place to place, with no knowledge of where I am going, no sense of where I have been, hustled about with no time to reflect or read or post, and placed in events where the discussion swirls about on issues and trends alien to my own sense of things. As I said to one person, this conference is on one track, I am on another. More on this later, when I get a few seconds to myself (though you can see the themes permeating my posts).

Anyhow, I have managed to squeeze enough internet access through the last week to upload several sets of photos (nowhere near enough time to title them or write descriptions, though). So here, for you to enjo, photos from: Frankfurt, Bloemfontein, Lesotho and Kruger National Park.

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