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I had a nice time in the Free State capital of Bloemfontein, where I conducted a preconference workshop September 5 and a keynote address September 6. The workshop, E-Learning 2.0: Tools and Topics, was based on my wiki presentation, though to be honest, we hardly touched the wiki. That said, the live Skypecast worked beautifully. Here's the audio: part one (14 meg), part two (8 meg), part three (24 meg). The keynote the next day was a different matter. we made some slight changes to the Skypecast, so it became a bit of a debugging exercise. No problem, we just did it on stage while I gave my keynote. It was a bit chaotic, but a perfect example of living your learning. Here are the slides and here is audio file (39 K, sorry, it's direct from the iRiver) of the keynote.

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