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Dave Warlick looks at a study found through the National Center or Education Statistics, Computer and Internet Use by Students in 2003, dated September 5, 2006, that appears to use 6 year-old data. And he asks, is he wrong to think there's something wrong with this? "How many members were there of MySpace in 2003?" (I think that would be none, Dave, and the current figure is 86 million). Read the comments, not only for my response, but also for a link to "cartoon-style drawings of the DOE's vision of 'School 2.0.'"

(p.s. I am noticing that, because feeds are ordered alphabetically in Bloglines, I tend to favour some over others when I am in a rush - I wonder whether Dave planned to be at the top of the list his his title, '2 Cents Worth' (I wonder about everything) - anyhow, for people like 'Teachable Moment' or 'TechSmith Blog' note that I am aware of the bias and am working to redress it).

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