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I've been posting away today, a bit irritably. It's a sick day for me today, as I have a nasty sore throught, I'm a bit feverish, and I'm taking medication that won't let me sleep. I'm trying to get my work done before I leave on a month-long trip to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand this Friday, some work that I want to do, like my video, and other work I don't want to do, like participate in research projects that have utterly nothing to do with my interests or expertise. My computer is acting up - the internet is very slow today, and the keyboard (yes, the one that had mixed nuts in it, though I cleaned them out) is skipping letters at random. So I'm irritable today. Nobody's fault, really - except maybe the provincial government's, since they made me wade my bicycle through this huge pond in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere on Sunday evening.

And I was entering comments and reacting to various posts I found unreasonable, and I was thinking that perhaps I was being too harsh. But if there's a theme today, it's captured by this item. "Corporate credibility is under attack, at least from Generation Y, which doesn't believe corporate ads at all." But it's not just that, it's more. If corporations were a government, they would be universally condemned by Amnesty International (instead, though, they pay 'free-lance writers' to condemn Amnesty International, as one outrageous screed published in the local paper did today).

And most days, I just get on my bike, chug my way into work, do my research, and try to push back a bit against this omnipresent agenda. And other days, like today, I simply lose patience, and I just want to yell at people, "Can't you see what is happening here?" I'm not yelling today - my throa is too hoarse for that. But give me a day of irritability, please, and don't hold my lack of tact against me for too long.

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