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Leonard Low offers a nice theory and set of activities for mLearning in an EdNA forum, but like Geoff Stead I see the 'mobile' aspect as "flavouring" and not essential to the model. I haven't spend a lot of time on mLearning for just this reason, because I see it not so much as a new form of learning but rather as a transition to something more useful, something I describe as virtual hardware in this short article. But also, mLearning concerns me a bit because of the tendency of vendors to lock down mLearning offerings. In this mLearning portal, for example, clients can only go where they're allowed and all the content is otherwise hidden from view. Walled gardens (with sentries). Or this demo - there's no way out, only in. It's all closed prepackaged content. mLearning offers vendors what computing never did - complete control over the delivery platform. So even though people can moblog and SMS and otherwise escape the restrictions, I am still cautious. More: mLearning presentation by Geoff Stead and Lilian Soon in Flash. Via EdNA.

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