Safety Fears Limit Online LearningCRLF

Anonymous, BBC News, Mar 21, 2002
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Well, think this through. Would you keep students home from school because they might meet strangers on the street, catch a virus, hear foul language, or otherwise encounter some form of danger? Of course not (though you would try to ensure a safer neighbourhood). Similar dangers exist on the internet, of course, and these are being used as a reason to keep children off the computer. But. Maybe it's not about fears. "For many children it is their enthusiasm for online communication - which for them included rapid, unmoderated interchanges, swearing, sending personal photos and e-mail address - which first motivates them to gain the ICT skills which transfer to more 'approved' activities," said Professor Livingstone. "Banning the former inhibits the latter." CRLFCRLF
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