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The RSS item (which doesn't appear on the link at all - it was dated June 19 but only showed up in my feed reader today) read, "Almost 800 people from Australia and overseas participated in Tapping into social networking for e-learning, a free online event discussing the latest technological developments in the world of education and training." The event was held June 15 - 16. I was a bit sceptical of the headline because the discussion forums you can easily access from the main page looked pretty empty. And I wasn't encouraged by the use of Elluminate for the online forums. But I clicked on the Program and couldn't really resist listening to the recording of E-learning 1.0 versus E-learning 2.0 and was surprised to see 41 participants at the start, and more than 80 participants later on. You can spend all day Saturday on this, so enjoy.

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