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Actual text of the report that has been the subject of so much discussion. Note that in the conclusion (report p. 77) the authors take note that only "partial immersion" was obtained. "A major challenge for teachers in the first year was simultaneously learning how to use technology and finding time to integrate laptops and digital resources into existing practices." Additionally, they note that educationally significant results may take more than one year to obtain (gee, really?). It is worth noting that while negative results were reported in that first year, postitive results were "compelling" in the second year results. I have to wonder (with some on the WWWEDU mailing list) why these results were released now, and why they got the spin they did.

On WWWEDU Bob Hirshon writes, "At the time the evaluation was completed, only 2 of the 22 schools studied reported substantial use of the technology (on a four-part scale of minimal, partial, substantial and full). The teachers report that they spent much of the year learning how to implement the technology into the classroom. The laptops were used once or twice per month in math class. Given all that, it's remarkable that the evaluation showed all the positive effects it did."

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