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A pretty good discussion on the EdNA Forums about Web 2.0 and e-learning 2.0 that is worth a look. Summarized as, "Leonard states - Web 2.0 sites are designed to be sources of content and functionality - facilitating the sharing, exchange and discovery of information, and the construction of networks of information and people. Leonard also uses the analogy (although it did not sound too flash) of hack in the back. Sean quoted 'Web2.0 is about empowerment, communication, collaboration, sharing, community, collective intelligence, collective action and openness. Ian also argued that Web2.0 is 'not so much about a change in technology, but rather, a change in philosophy' is also an interesting statement."

It is also instructive to observe this side discussion on the Teach and Learn Online group on Google Groups. Note this: "At the beginning of each month they start a new forum on the month's theme and they've been forcing people to subscribe to generate some interest. When people start complaining about getting unwanted emails in their inbox they send out a final post saying that if you want to stay subscribed you have to re-subscribed yourself, then they remove the forced subscribe." I agree with the poster, that this practice feels inappropriate. But also: "it looks like the moderators have deleted 17 posts they have deemed as outside their Code of Conduct... By deleting them we can't even debate their merit. However I do have copies of all the deleted posts."

As I have pointed out elsewhere, of hosted services is that someone else decides that they own your words and ideas, and ultimately, your identity, and can do with them as they please. Oh, sure, it's all covered in the terms of service (covenant by clickthrough)... we don't need a Charter of Rights any more, we have TOS! Lurkers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your usernames!


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