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Some people have taken an interest in some posts on my other blog, including one on adults and learning and another on whether teaching is dead. Like most of the posts on my Half an Hour blog, they are intended less as public writings and more as exercises in which I work out my thoughts.

Anyhow, the interesting point - to me - in much of the recent debate on whether kids ought to be allowed to access MySpace and other 'adult' sites is the speed with which some alternative kids only sites began to gain positive publicity and tracition in the news. This article, about Imbee, is a case in point. So is this article, yet another puff piece touting Whyville.

You know, when somebody comes to me and says they want to protect my kids, the first thing I ask is, "What's in it for them?" And I am equally suspicious when somebody proposes legislation with the same objective. So, yeah, MySpace is 'dangerous' and then all these 'safe' sites come out of the woodwork. Am I the only cynical person left anymore?


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