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The topic of personal identity - and therefore, learner identity (though not everyone considers the latter to be a subset of the former, which is a problem) continues to increase in importance in educational technology circles. This is, to my mind, a symptom of the reality that learners are affiliated less and less with a particular institution, which is a good thing. But what will a Learner Identity Management Framework (LIMF) look like? I have some concerns with this report tabled in Australia. For example, it calls for "A Trust Scheme" that "involves establishing ground-rules such that the owners of information can be confident that any data they transfer will be handled appropriately by the recipient." Come on. Who believes that the recipients, especially if they are commercial entities, will be trustworthy, no matter what technology is in place? Or will providers allow their clients and customers to enforce the regvulations with some sort of inverse 'trusted computing' scheme. Yeah, thought not.

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