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Innsbruck, Austria

Stephen Downes, Jun 12, 2006

So today is the last day of my trip to Austria, an interesting discussion with the good people at the Centre for Social Innovation in Vienna. Sadly FTP issues are preventing me from uploading slides or audio, but I'll get both online when I return to the office later this week. Tomorrow morning it's off to the airport and back home to Moncton. My thanks to everyone in London, Milton Keynes, Manchester, Innsbruck and Vienna for the kind and supportive welcome you have all given me. And while I have spent a lot of this trip wrestling with myself and with my own thoughts and ideas, you have all helped me see some of the wider impact of the work we are doing together. Today's photo is from Innsbruck and the link is to my Innsbruck photo set. Enjoy! No newsletter tomorrow; see you Wednesday.

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