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This photo is from my most recent set, Toronto 2006. I am at the 2006 CAUCE conference in Toronto where I will be giving a talk tomorrow afternoon. Then, tomorrow evening, I will be flying overnight to Britain, where I will be at conference, where I will be wrapping up with the closing keynote. After that I will be to Milton Keynes for a talk at the Open University, then to Manchester to join in a meeting on Personal Learning Environments. I am then in Innsbruck, Austria for the Microlearning conference. Finally, I will be visiting Vienna as a guest of the Centre for Social Innovation. My thanks to Colette for all her assistance arranging this trip, one that has changed quite a bit from its original plan, and to the organizers from the different centres, who have been helpful and considerate.

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Stephen Downes Stephen Downes, Casselman, Canada

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