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May 22, 2006

Perhaps a little over-enthusiastic, but I appreciate the sentiment expressed by Darren Kuropatwa as he describes the impact of the use of blogs in his math classes. Dean Shareski writes, "My personal growth as a learner has been exponential as a result of my exploration of technology and connectivity to some of the best and brightest in education today." This article comments on the conversation between Kuropatwa and Shareski recorded on the Ideas and Thoughts blog (scroll down to Podcast 16; individual post links are not working). Fryer comments, "Darren's answer for why this phenomenon is happening is simple: 'It's the audience.' It is not just about the in-class recognition, it is mainly about the fact that a worldwide audience is regularly visiting their blog, 'what they are writing is being read by the world,' that students are exhibiting such high levels of motivation, performance and understanding of math concepts."


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