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I guess this is pretty much a trend worldwide: " is necessary to devote higher attention to this field [educational research] in terms of policy attention, implementation effectiveness and resources. This should be done at complementary levels, by improving coordination, evaluation and utilization.... the need for research leaders to be accountable to society on how and where they direct research resources when a compelling need to produce an impact exists in education and training systems, and in society at large." In other words, there will be an increased coordination of research efforts from, if you will, the top down. And it seems there are good reasons for this - to counter the 'not invented here' syndrome, to overcome the limitations of small and unknown projects, to counter duplication of efforts, and to have research actually meet important social objectives. It's hard to argue with those needs. But I don't think 'managed' research is the way to respond to them. Instead, I would seek to foster an open and collaborative research community.

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