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An ambitious paper that will challenge your thinking. "This roadmap presents a vision for 2010 in which a high percentage of newly published UK scholarly output is made available on an open access basis and in which there is a growing recognition of the benefits of making research data, learning resources and other academic content freely available for sharing and re-use." That's where it starts, at least, but as you get into the depths of the paper you see more and more discussion of the bundling of complex objects, digital object identifiers, and of digital rights management (see esp. section 6.3). Like this, for example: "Access to institutional and other repositories will be controlled within the same 'single sign-on' access management framework adopted for other internal and external resources." In what sense is this open access or "freely available for sharing and re-use"? Certainly, there will be some people saying we need these things - but just who, exactly, needs them?

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