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How do we convince others to accept our view? The author writes, "It depends on whether one can integrate self and other to create selfless. It depends on whether one can integrate dependent and independent to create interdependent. It depends on whether one can develop a sense of self and self-awareness which is independent of the event, and establish an intent, as Senge and Fritz put it, for the pursuit of truth. Not my truth, or your truth, but more of an appropriate truth." What needs to be stressed, I think, is that 'selfless', as described here, does not imply loss of self, nor does 'an appropriate truth' entail loss of one's own truth. These are, if you will, something that needs to emerge from the connectedness and inter-relation, and not be stipulated as requirements for interaction. More specifically, they result from interactions with appropriate properties (which would be some set including 'respect', 'autonomy', 'equality' and the like) which develop naturally and cannot be forced.

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