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David Wiley prepares his testimony to the US Secretary of Education's Commission on the Future of Higher Education. And, happily, makes it availble to us first. It's a good account overall; I have only one major suggestion for him. I would add another line to the table describing the ways in which the world is changing, somingthing like: managed - autonomous. Or: directed - self-directed. Because I think the new technology empowers in important ways. But I certainly agree with the rest of the items in the table, and especially with this: "openness is the gateway to connectedness, personalization, and participation." David Wiley are of one mind, I think, when it comes to openness. But - and this is an open question - is he willing to demonstrate the same degree of belief that people can manage their own destiny, if only given the chance, as I am? Because this, I think, is what will shape the next great debate in learning.

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