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I don't seek to achieve 'success' in the sense usually intended by any of these commentators - for me, 'success' is a very specific emotional state, a mixture of happiness, harmony and satisfaction. Hard to explain. And for me, very elusive. Still, much of what is described in this article describes the external conditions that (sometimes) lead to the achievement of that state. I liked, for example, what Helen Tworkov had to say: "The most important ingredient for success is the willingness to fail, to be made a fool of, to fall on your face a hundred times a day. And to be dumb. What makes repeated failure endurable is being in love with the work you do and being convinced of its value. Then the process becomes self-rewarding." John Mackey also provides a nice list, worth clipping. Mostly, it seems, success is created by defining what you want (where what you want related to value, purpose or ambition) and then taking the steps, wherever they may lead, to achieve that.

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