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Stephen Downes, Jan 09, 2006

Sites like SuprGlu portend the expressive power inherent in RSS and Web 2.0 but it - and other sites like it - frustrate me because they tie the user to their website, their service (and their business model, their advertising, and ultimately, Yahoo!). They seem to work like magic, but what they are doing is not magic - unless, perhaps, it's a magic of PR. This link is to a script I wrote today (yes, it represents exactly one day's work, though I'll clean it up and add to it over the next week or so) which performs the functionality of SuprGlu - that is, it brings together different RSS feeds into a single display - does it in such a way as to allow you to put your Glu on your own site, allows you to use feeds other than your own, and lets you filter the output. No magic; the base code is ripped from Edu_RSS and has been around for a while. Eventually (in a couple of days) it will also take this output and upload it to your Blogger account (and WordPress, if I can manage the api - haven't tried that one yet). Only, unlike these online services, I make the script available (and it's pretty simple to run). And don't have to use my site - or SuprGlu's - at all. Web 2.0 is supposed to be all about empowering the user and distributing content, not the manifestation of some eyeball-driven business plan. I wish more coders (and pundits) would recognize that. Anyhow, enjoy, and if you have any feature requests I'd be glad to add them.

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