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I guess I wasn't alone. My own response to Will Richardson's reinventing ourselves on Tuesday, which I thought would quickly go away, seems to have reflected a wider sentiment in our community. Nathan Lowell takes notice, saying, "I thought it was just me and Donal." Bud the Teacher records a sympathetic podcast on it - I listened to it this afternoon. Dembo, reacting to Dave Warlick's podcast (a stream of interviews with teachers, the majority of them calling for an end to, or at least the reformation of, the classroom), says "the future is half empty." John Pederson actually up and quit his job as a district director of technology at the start of the year; he also comments, "The 2006 Kool Aid is a much crazier mix." Doug Noon took a look at what's happening and went out and joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation, citing Cory Doctorow's I quit my day job and the firing of Meg Spohn en passant. Alan Levine speculates, "Maybe it's time to brush the crumbs off the resume." Daniel Lemire also comments sympathetically. Jeremy Hiebert says, "it's not particularly encouraging to see smart, focused people in the community deciding to quit good jobs in educational technology for all the right reasons." Brian Alger writes, "There are times in life when we feel a certain pull on our being as if we are being drawn towards something we cannot fully comprehend in that moment. It invites intuition, or a sense of felt meaning (that is, meaning that cannot yet be expressed clearly in words). Often this intuitive sense is driven by mounting tension in our lives - the tension between the emerging reality of what we are doing with our lives, and the pull toward what we want to be doing with our lives."

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