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Forward-looking article that suggests that some of the things being talked about here (though interestingly the authors observe, "there is remarkably little conversation about the major changes occurring...") are beginning to be recognized at the higher administrative levels. What I like about this article is that it points not only to changing technology but also to correspondingly changing practice and pedagogy. "The university may need to reorganize itself quite differently, stressing forms of pedagogy and extracurricular experiences to nurture and teach the art and skill of creativity and innovation. This would probably imply a shift away from highly specialized disciplines and degree programs to programs placing more emphasis on integrating knowledge. To this end, perhaps it is time to integrate the educational mission of the university with the research and service activities of the faculty by ripping instruction out of the classroom - or at least the lecture hall - and placing it instead in the discovery environment of the laboratory or studio or the experiential environment of professional practice." There's a lot more good discussion; this article is well worth a read. More from the current issue of Issues (which could really use an RSS feed).

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