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Two strands of thought come together in my mind, and this strand - the question of whether we need education-specific environments (such as the PLE) is one of them. The other is the ongoing discussion circulating around the education blogosphere about schools blocking weblogs and other websites (see here, for example). Both revolve around the same idea: in learning, we want access to the internet, but not necessarily all of it - there's a lot out there that would aid learning, but a lot that, frankly, gets in the way. My own belief, and I need to expand on this in the future, is that peer-based networks (a bad name, and I'll change it) are the way to go. These are not blocked from the rest of the internet, so censorship doesn't become an issue. But at the same time, there is a strong bias toward resources relevant to (as you would expect) one's peers.

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