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Summary of discussions surrounding the increasingly difficult funding issues faced by American universities, this set amid declining performance levels. This prompts some to tout private education service and others to point to the increasing disparity in society. As budgets continue to shrink - a trend accelerated by the observation that universities are increasingly serving only the wealthy - the crisis will worsen. Related: this article (via University Business) in the Times Argus: "It is not a question of 'if,' but rather 'when,' the middle class will be priced out of access to higher education. The trends are clear: current costs are staggering, causing families and students to take on debt that will burden their financial decisions for years to come. If tuition costs continue to increase at its current pace, the middle class will be shut out of college within a generation. Access to higher education will then revert to pre-World War II status: an institution exclusively for the wealthy."


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