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EdTech Brainstorm #9

Oct 31, 2005

James Farmer, Harold Jarche, Dave Cormier, Kathy Malsbendend, and Jeff Flynn. If that list of participants doesn't motivate you to listen to this 43 minute conversation, I'm not sure what will. Maybe this: Brainstorm number 8, a more hefty hour and a half featuring Bud the Teacher, Jeff Flynn, Todd Vanek, Antony Jackson, Fang of LearnDog, Dave Cormier, and Jeff Lebow. Or maybe The Educational Mac, featuring "a conversation with Brian Mull about life for 1 technology specialist in New Orleans after Katrina." Or maybe the Brian Lamb interview at EDUCAUSE? Or how about David Wiley and Trey Martindale at AECT (Orlando)? Or Soft Reset show number four, about participatory simulations for Palm Powered handhelds. Or this interview with CNI's Joan Lippincott. Or maybe Paul Graham, featured on IT Conversations discussing what business can learn from open source. Or even Dave Warlick's recordings from TechForum New York on games in learning. Or perhaps Diana Oblinger's wrap-up of EDUCAUSE 2005. Or an afternoon of jazz from from three of Adelaide's leading independent schools. There's enough audio online these days that I could build a full daily schedule of audio programming, if I could figure out a relatively easy way to pull it off.


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